Seeing the light: Inside New Zealand photographer Cody Ellingham's love affair with Tokyo


Seeing the light: Inside New Zealand photographer Cody Ellingham's love affair with Tokyo

Cody Ellingham is an architectural photographer and art director who grew up in Hawkes Bay, but now spends his days capturing the beauty of Tokyo’s otherworldly buildings. His new exhibition, Future Cities, uses sophisticated photography and editing techniques to explore what a city of the future could look like. Here, he shares his take on the intersection between technology, architecture and art.

Glassy eyed

Due to spending most a lot of his spare time on the ocean in either a boat or on a surfboard, Bay of Plenty born-and-raised, self-taught sculptor Ben Young's glass formations are visibly and inextricably tied to his love of the sea. His solo exhibition, 'Little Worlds', is running at Black Door Gallery in Auckland for one more week.

New Zealand Identity

Technology has been used in a myriad of ways to increase the use of Te Reo Māori, but Designworks is taking it back to basics with a simple-but-beautiful way of encouraging use of our native language. It has created a not-for-profit, Pepeha, which takes a Māori traditional way of introduction that has been used for centuries and adds a design twist, producing personalised prints of each person’s pepeha – or a summary of who they are, who their family is and what part of New Zealand they come from.

Best Awards

From a calming, machine-learning led interactive experience at Starship Children’s Hospital, to the story of a goat that acts as anti-bullying initiative and teaches children the effect their actions can have, the best in New Zealand design was crowned at the 2018 Best Awards on the weekend – and a discussion about gender equality in design has been brought to the industry's attention. Here are the supreme winners, and a statement from the Designers Institute of New Zealand CEO Cathy Veninga on the protests that took place.

Talking pictures

If you’re familiar with J.K. Rowling’s world of Hogwarts, you will recall how portraits in the wizarding world can talk and move around from frame to frame. But what if there was no need for magic to make this happen? The folks at Vaka Interactiv are doing just that by using technology to tell the story of different walks of life in museums and galleries, allowing people to interact with portraits and understand and engage with cultural stories better than ever before. We have a chat with Vaka Interactiv CEO Jesse Armstrong about the real-life wizardry.

Idealog + Samsung

A nine-storey high design spectacle took over Auckland’s CBD last week to mark the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy Note9, as two Kiwi artists battled it out in a drawing competition on the phone. The artist who came out triumphant, 27-year-old Callum Rooney, has a chat about getting creative on the new device – and what it was like to have his winning piece projected on the side of a building.