How to be investment ready with the New Zealand Angel Association's Suse Reynolds

Investment tips

How to be investment ready with the New Zealand Angel Association's Suse Reynolds

Every business goes through a life cycle: start-up, growth, maturity and renewal, rebirth or decline. Once you’ve made it past the juicy, creative ideation stage and into the growth and maturity stage, the time for many comes to seek investment. But how do you know what investors are looking for? And what do investors think New Zealand companies excel at, and therefore get excited about? We sat down with executive director of the Angel Association of New Zealand Suse Reynolds to figure out just that.

Creativity Month

Business is an inherently creative pursuit: ideas are had, actions are taken, experiments are conducted, failures occur, and the cycle continues. But while cultivating a great idea is one thing, how do you ensure the idea has legs to be commercialised? We sat down with advertising legend, Mike Hutcheson, to figure out just that.

Most Innovative Companies

The winner of Idealog's Most Innovative Companies in Finance/Money is Sharesies. Bringing investment to the masses, Sharesies thinks different, acts different and looks different from your typical investment company. “At Sharesies, we don’t see a future where banks, ETFs or managed funds remain the primary wealth holding,” says Brooke Roberts, Sharesies CEO. “We see personalised, values-based portfolios created by people, community and algorithm. In New Zealand alone there is an opportunity worth over $1 billion for Sharesies.”

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

As part of our Elevator Pitch series in partnership with Flick, we gave Daryl Briggs a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch Aquafortus, which removes water from waste.