Whittaker's makes a chocolate record

As sweet as it sounds

Whittaker's makes a chocolate record

Whittaker’s and Assignment Group are marking New Zealand Music Month by joining forces with up-and-coming local musician/songwriter Jasmine Balmer to create an edible chocolate record.

Party like a capitalist

Being in business is like the proverbial roller coaster ride – high highs, low lows, unexpected turns, multiple passengers and, often, a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maya Breen looks at what that journey might sound like.

Machines and music

Spotify has revolutionised the access consumers have to music through its technology, but behind the machine, there’s humans like Spotify Australia and New Zealand senior music editor Alicia Sbrugnera helping craft playlists to people’s different wants and needs. We went behind the interface and spoke to her about how this algorithm and playlist curation business really works.

Music to robot ears

It’s going to happen: wireless earbuds are destined to replace those annoying cords the vast majority of us are still forced to endure. First World problems? Perhaps. But the New Zealand-designed Dearear has the potential to help change how we listen to things.