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Idealog is New Zealand’s favourite guide to entrepreneurship and innovation in business, design, start-ups and tech. It delivers daily New Zealand business news, blogs, podcasts and commentary, served up on our website and through our newsletters.

Target audience

Idealog targets anyone involved in creative business and commercialising ideas. This includes three main groups:

  • Entrepreneurs bringing their ideas to market – 32 percent.
  • Professionals in creativity or innovation-based industries like technology, design, media, engineering and science – 48 percent.
  • Forward-thinking corporate execs responsible for developing innovation within their organisations – 20 percent.

Another way to define the audience is:

‘Everyone in the ideas business and everyone in business who needs ideas.’

Idealog’s readers say they read Idealog to get ideas and inspiration together with practical advice on how to get those ideas to market. Most also say that Idealog is the main way they get this information.

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