Idealog's Innovation Playlist: The sounds of struggle

Party like a capitalist

Idealog's Innovation Playlist: The sounds of struggle

Being in business is like the proverbial roller coaster ride – high highs, low lows, unexpected turns, multiple passengers and, often, a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maya Breen looks at what that journey might sound like.

Innovation Awards

Rocket Lab has successfully launched three satellites into orbit - a first for a New Zealand company. To celebrate the achievement, we're republishing this story about the company's 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards win that also featured in our Innovation Issue last year.

Conflict tech

War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing – except for a range of very handy innovations that we take completely for granted.  Peter Lee shows us some of the civilian applications for the latest military technologies. 

The Idea Log

The Idea Log, Idealog's spirit 'animal', is back. And this time, it's here to propose some coping mechanisms for entrepreneurs who are dealing with some common startup ailments. Because business isn't all beer and Skittles...

Smart homo sapiens

Recipients of the 2017 Edmund Hillary Fellowship have been announced. To mark the enormous achievement - a three-year fellowship programme offered for up to 100 high-calibre international entrepreneurs, investors and startup teams and 20 Kiwis to incubate and support innovative businesses that have the potential for a global impact - we're profiling some of the fellows. Up next is Topaz Adizes.