Idealog + Spaceworks

Since it kicked off in 2002, MMC has become a leader in the field of fund and investment administration services and currently has funds in excess of $32.9bn under administration. But, as its business has grown, so too has its need for bigger, better and more beautiful office space. So Spaceworks set about creating two floors of inspiration in the middle of Auckland’s CBD.

Idealog + Ignite Architects

Like many industries, architecture is being disrupted by changing technology – and tastes – at a pace never experienced before. Ignite Architects' managing director Jeremy Whelan shares what he’s learned in the three decades since the company started – and what it needs to do to stick around for another three.

Get connected

The modern world was meant to make us more connected. But, increasingly, it seems to be making us unhappier and more isolated. Helen Kerr, a landscape architect, master plan expert and principal at Isthmus, explains how good urban design and compact communities can limit loneliness and increase happiness.

Construction conundrums

What does off-site construction or prefab have in common with electricity or the Internet? Like most 'breakthrough technologies', the breakthrough can often take decades before it gets established and even longer before it shows an improvement in productivity, says Box CEO Dan Heyworth.