Taking the leap

One of the most important stages in any entrepreneur's career is also one of the most exciting: shifting from the 9-5 grind to pursue your startup business full-time. This shift, while thrilling, is full of challenges. Without the right preparation and strategy, this transition can negatively impact your professional relationships and cause your business to suffer. Here are some tips to keep that from happening.

Idealog + Little Giant

Little Giant founder and CEO Mark Hurley knows a thing or two about founding a company – he started his first business when he was 17, and the digital agency he founded later with no previous advertising experience, Little Giant, was named New Zealand Digital Agency of the Year at the Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Agency of the Year awards. Here, he talks backing yourself in new ventures, maintaining a work/life balance and New Zealand start-ups he's excited to see on the rise.

There's an app for that...

It can be hard to track down the right person for odd jobs around the home – sometimes it’s a matter of crowdsourcing through friends, while other times it involves painfully trawling through Google search and comparing prices. But a New Zealand made app called Tradee has launched today that promises to get rid of all these pain points and connect homeowners with tradespeople in their area, and it has two young entrepreneurs at the helm. Co-founder and CEO Alexandre Vaz gives us the lowdown.


While founder mental health is an important discussion to have, the effect the pressures can have on the founder's loved ones is an equally important topic. BizDojo co-founder Nick Shewring shares the lessons he's learnt on how to ensure friends and family are well supported when someone is undergoing a founder journey.