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Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

As part of our Elevator Pitch series in partnership with Flick, we gave Haman Shahpari and Sergio Figueroa a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch WaHiki Creamery, a healthy alternative to dairy ice cream that’s the first New Zealand ice cream to be coeliac certified.

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

We gave Brittany Teei a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch KidsCoin, an online educational platform that teaches children and their wider communities how to manage their money through a virtual currency.

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

As part of our Elevator Pitch series in partnership with Flick, we gave Amelia Diggle a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch HI Jewellery, a 3D printed made-to-order jewellery line that fuses fashion and technology to create ‘wearable tech’ pieces for women in a male-dominated industry.

Urban Architecture

Twenty years ago the Peacocke family bought a 117-hectare sized piece of land tucked inside the Raglan Harbour, situated five minutes from the local township, and home to a healthy dose of native bush, wildlife, and surrounding beaches. It boasts one of the largest - and most influential - sections in the region, which has turned a large provincial farm, into one of the most significant urban development schemes in Raglan. The development project, named Rangitahi, sees the land subdivided into residential lots and zoned for commercial, community and residential development. Its plan hopes to seed population growth, job creation, and environmental prosperity into the local community. We speak with Sophie Peacocke, head of the marketing and sales team and a member of the Peacocke family, who are collectively running the co-operative operation from their property on the Raglan peninsula.

Cultural preservation

Realityvirtual’s Simon Che de Boer recently had a hand in documenting one of the world’s most ancient civilisations in VR. And now, he’s keen to get to work on his passion project: local cultural preservation work of the Christchurch Cathedral. He wants to resurrect the old Cathedral in VR using publicly sourced photography, so is putting out a call to the public to submit any photos or videos they have of the building pre-earthquake, and using deep learning, a company can fill in the missing data and build a VR experience around this.

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All Electric

An ongoing series in partnership with Hyundai on the rise of electric vehicles and the future of transport.

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25 things with Peter Haythornthwaite

Peter Haythornthwaite – industrial and creative design deity, Designers Institute of New Zealand fellow, owner of an ONZM for services to design, and current exhibitor of his life’s work at Objectspace Gallery in Auckland – knows things, loves things, predicts things, worries about things and improves things.

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The Log Experiment

At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our community’s brilliance. So for the 2018 Design Issue, we’ve tapped into the talents of the Idealog community and, in honour of our spirit ‘animal’, The Idea Log, we sent a few hunks ‘o wood out to some friends of the Idealog family from the fields of art, design, architecture and creative business to see what they could do. These are the results.

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What Keeps You Up At Night

Idealog chats with the movers, shakers, visionaries and future captains of industry about what issues keep them up at night and also what gets them going the next day.

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The Idea Log

Million dollar ideas and inspiring inspiration from Idealog's sassy spirit 'animal'.

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A Day in the Life

How do you perfect the work/life balance? In an ongoing series, high-performing New Zealand entrepreneurs share how they handle the madness of business.

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Can We Fix it? Brought to you by Kiwibank

In a regular section in print and in a series of online pop-up sections throughout the year, Idealog and Kiwibank explore some of the world’s biggest – and, in some cases, most intractable – problems and then showcase some of the clever people trying to tackle them.

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Green Rush

In a new series, we talk to entrepreneurs and investors about the challenges and opportunities in the emerging New Zealand cannabis industry.

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The Technology Issue: New Heights

Out now


Stuff senior product manager of experience Justine Kotkin has just returned from the Ideas & Innovation Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference in San Francisco. Now in its sixth year, The Catalyst Conference attracts a powerhouse audience from every corner of tech. Kotkin shares some thoughts on what she loved, what she learnt, and what Kiwi women in tech should do more of.

Virtual reality realities

The man behind what’s been dubbed ‘the world’s most realistic VR’ is earning worldwide acclaim for his hyper-realistic VR cinematography. Now, Simon Che de Boer’s latest release, Nefertari: Journey to Eternity, takes viewers up close-and-personal in VR to an ancient civilisation that’s not experienced in many people’s lifetimes: Nefertari’s tomb in Egypt. This plays right into the passion driving Che de Boer’s work – to document heritage sites so they’re preserved digitally for years to come.

Genius From Elsewhere


Put down the joystick, there is a new way to pilot Drones. Futurism shares how a group of researchers in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne have created a wearable controller that enables you to fly a drone with your body.


In Hong Kong, Feng shui masters are consulted as a part of the urban design process. The Guardian unravels how these spiritual leaders are shaping Hong Kong by maximising prosperous energy and reducing negative energy in city spaces.


Wired reveals a love affair between a three-year-old boy and industrial fans. The story reveals he’s not alone, but is amongst a group of toddlers who are designing ‘magnificent collections of box fans, window fans, fans attached to squirt bottles, and fans with blades that look like some combination of Mickey Mouse and Edward Scissorhands.’


Bloomberg meets Dan Carlson, the scientist who is tweaking the DNA of various organisms. The article homes in on how Carlson manipulates the genetic code of dairy cattle to prevent the animals from growing horns.


Collecting delicate sea creatures such as jellyfish and squid has long been difficult for researchers. However, a solution is here, a new origami-inspired device that captures deep-sea organisms without harming them.


Invercargill's Dave Brown has created a thriving business out of recreating old cars in meticulously good detail. So is replicating something based off someone else’s designs above board? And what do Jaguar (and other companies where replicas are being made) think about it? 

Design reflects our heritage and identity. So what role does Māoridom play in New Zealand’s design identity? Who is able to do it? What principles need to be abided by? And how does a young country like New Zealand embrace the modern world while retaining its traditions? In part three of a series, we float down the country’s cultural currents with craftsman Carin Wilson and RCG Limited associated director Andy Florkowski and director John Lenihan.

Gratuitous self-promotion

Bonnie Brown's award winning Blooming 'Brella's are selling like syrup-laden hotcakes, and news has it that there is less than one hundred left. So whether you're a selfish lover of design and want your own, or you're looking for a unique gift for family, friends, staff or clients, you'd better move fast and get your name on the pre-order list. These things will undoubtedly be worth millions one day. Don't live a lifetime of regret.