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Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

As part of our Elevator Pitch series in partnership with Flick, we gave Haman Shahpari and Sergio Figueroa a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch WaHiki Creamery, a healthy alternative to dairy ice cream that’s the first New Zealand ice cream to be coeliac certified.

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

We gave Brittany Teei a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch KidsCoin, an online educational platform that teaches children and their wider communities how to manage their money through a virtual currency.

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

As part of our Elevator Pitch series in partnership with Flick, we gave Amelia Diggle a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch HI Jewellery, a 3D printed made-to-order jewellery line that fuses fashion and technology to create ‘wearable tech’ pieces for women in a male-dominated industry.


Dan Heyworth is the CEO and founder of Box, the only combined registered architectural practice and registered master builder in New Zealand. Here, he outlines why despite advances forward in 3D printed housing, a shake up to the construction sector isn't imminent – yet. He also explains how the role of architects is changing, and construction companies are now leading the way in innovation.

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Māori New Year

Matariki is the word on every New Zealander’s lips this winter. From Auckland Council’s three-week Matariki festival to Wellington managing to summon a whale into the harbour, naming it Matariki and having to postpone the first annual Matariki fireworks display because of it, people are starting to celebrate the Māori New Year more than ever before. Here's how several local businesses, including ANZ and Isthmus, are marking the occasion.

Everyday athletes

Stolen Spirits co-founder Jamie Duff has set up shop in the US alongside former Stolen creative director Kelvin Soh to found a venture studio in New York called New New. And now, the company has just debuted its most recent venture: Weekday Warriors, a direct-to-consumer nutrition company making premium fitness-related convenience products for busy people. Duff has a chat about the new project, as well as breaking into the US market.


The Idea Log

Million dollar ideas and inspiring inspiration from Idealog's sassy spirit 'animal'.

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All Electric

An ongoing series in partnership with Hyundai on the rise of electric vehicles and the future of transport.

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Green Rush

In a new series, we talk to entrepreneurs and investors about the challenges and opportunities in the emerging New Zealand cannabis industry.

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Can We Fix it? Brought to you by Kiwibank

In a regular section in print and in a series of online pop-up sections throughout the year, Idealog and Kiwibank explore some of the world’s biggest – and, in some cases, most intractable – problems and then showcase some of the clever people trying to tackle them.

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What Keeps You Up At Night

Idealog chats with the movers, shakers, visionaries and future captains of industry about what issues keep them up at night and also what gets them going the next day.

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A Day in the Life

How do you perfect the work/life balance? In an ongoing series, high-performing New Zealand entrepreneurs share how they handle the madness of business.

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The Log Experiment

At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our community’s brilliance. So for the 2018 Design Issue, we’ve tapped into the talents of the Idealog community and, in honour of our spirit ‘animal’, The Idea Log, we sent a few hunks ‘o wood out to some friends of the Idealog family from the fields of art, design, architecture and creative business to see what they could do. These are the results.

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25 things with Peter Haythornthwaite

Peter Haythornthwaite – industrial and creative design deity, Designers Institute of New Zealand fellow, owner of an ONZM for services to design, and current exhibitor of his life’s work at Objectspace Gallery in Auckland – knows things, loves things, predicts things, worries about things and improves things.

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The Design Issue, Autumn 2018

Out now


Stuff senior product manager of experience Justine Kotkin has just returned from the Ideas & Innovation Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference in San Francisco. Now in its sixth year, The Catalyst Conference attracts a powerhouse audience from every corner of tech. Kotkin shares some thoughts on what she loved, what she learnt, and what Kiwi women in tech should do more of.

Virtual reality realities

The man behind what’s been dubbed ‘the world’s most realistic VR’ is earning worldwide acclaim for his hyper-realistic VR cinematography. Now, Simon Che de Boer’s latest release, Nefertari: Journey to Eternity, takes viewers up close-and-personal in VR to an ancient civilisation that’s not experienced in many people’s lifetimes: Nefertari’s tomb in Egypt. This plays right into the passion driving Che de Boer’s work – to document heritage sites so they’re preserved digitally for years to come.

Genius From Elsewhere


Brainpickings reveals how bicycles have pedalled cultural progression and feminism across the world.


New age robots have the ability to recreate art comparable to the old masters, such as Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, according to Futurism.


‘Thailand wants to have its hash cake and eat it too’, according to Bloomberg, who unravels the countries stiff past in drug regulation and it's future intentions to legalise medical marijuana.  


Asgardia, or alternatively known as the 'Space Kingdom of Asgardia', represents a bunch of feigned space enthusiasts, who aim to bring humanity to space. Futurism talks to its new de-facto leader, Igor Ashurbeyli.


The president of Microsoft has called for harsher regulations on facial recognition software, which he says could have broad societal ramifications and potential for abuse.

Fashioning hemp

Step into the second hand store, Waves Vintage, situated down a gully on Karangahape Road, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by fibres and fabrics. The woman at the wooden desk, Helen Young-Loveridge, sits beside her collection of secondhand clothes of which have been hand picked and shipped from Los Angeles to New Zealand. It’s all very curated, from her sexy 1960’s looking leather couch, to the various cottons and silks hung on display. Her new venture, Buddy, is the newest edition to the racks – and possibly the most significant – a new t-shirt range made of 55 percent hemp and 45 percent organic cotton. It’s a true meeting place of environmental ethos, style, and quality – and a potential window into the future of hemp as a fashion fibre. We sit down with the woman in charge, Young-Loveridge, who talks of her past and the new t-shirts for tomorrow.

Gratuitous self-promotion

Bonnie Brown's award winning Blooming 'Brella's are selling like syrup-laden hotcakes, and news has it that there is less than one hundred left. So whether you're a selfish lover of design and want your own, or you're looking for a unique gift for family, friends, staff or clients, you'd better move fast and get your name on the pre-order list. These things will undoubtedly be worth millions one day. Don't live a lifetime of regret.