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Creativity and Moonlight: Raydar and The Designers Institute of New Zealand team up for new exhibition

Top image: Submissions for ‘Moonlight’ from the Moonlight Ello page.

Creativity. Ho-hum… or is it?

We know the real answer: it’s not. Heck, with design worth more than $10 billion to Aotearoa’s economy (check out our story about that here), it’s incredibly important.

Specialist creative agency Raydar and The Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ) know this quite well. And that’s why they’ve joined forces to present Moonlight, an exhibition to help cultivate the New Zealand creative community. In other words: it’s art, to inspire more art. A real win-win if there ever was one.

The exhibition will be held at Allpress Studio and feature work from 12 selected students and 12 established industry creatives. The exhibition is based on the premise that some of the brightest work happens after the sun goes down, and will reveal a unique side of creativity through “moonlight projects” – personal work created beyond the boundaries of the day.

“At Raydar we believe that creativity connects people, and that sometimes the best ideas come from the most unexpected places,” says design director – and Moonlight producer – Nick McFarlane. “So, we’ve created a platform to both celebrate original creative expression and to connect new talent with professionals.”

Nick McFarlane.

Students have submitted their work for consideration through Ello, a platform for connecting and supporting a global community of artists. The Moonlight Ello page has already received no fewer 10 million views, providing the artists with the potential for immense international exposure. Proceeds of artwork sold at Moonlight will be equally split between the artists and a DINZ fund for future creative collaboration events.

Kelly Thompson.

The 12 established professionals will each select one student from submission and go on to provide advice, feedback and mentoring to their chosen student through the event. Some of the established artists taking include McFarlane, Maker’s Mgmt’s Kelly Thompson, Colenso BBDO’s Mike Davison, and Jessica Mentis, also known as “The Jellyologist.’

Jessica Mentis.

Moonlight will be open to the public at Allpress Studio, 8 Drake Street in Auckland’s Freemans Bay neighbourhood, from July 3-13 from 7am-3.30pm.

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