Ever wanted to open a cat cafe, but would rather not deal with kitty litter and furballs? Never fear: Dunedin-based games studio Runaway lets you experience such a life vicariously with their newest free mobile game – which just so happens to be bringing worldwide attention to Aotearoa’s burgeoning games industry. PLUS: Mount Maunganui-based Flightless’ new cross-platform game, Element.

Idealog + Hyundai

While electric vehicles continue to steal the headlines, there is, in fact, another state-of-the-art motoring option that’s rapidly gaining steam. In part four of an ongoing series, we look at how the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle could change the definition of ‘eco-friendly’.

Culture club

Many are eager for New Zealand’s tech sector to surpass agriculture and tourism to lead us into a prosperous future, but do we have the confidence to promote our creative talents to the world? Colleen Ryan, head of strategy at TRA, takes a look at the cultural codes that are shaping our success, as well as the search for a new chief technology officer in New Zealand.

The Tech Issue, 2018

Idealog's Tech Issue is out now (get your copy here). Editor Elly Strang explains the thinking behind the issue's theme, 'New Heights' – and showcases some of the people who fit into it – and explores the cultural conflict between the need for confidence to succeed in the tech sector and the typically understated nature of New Zealanders.

Experimental as anything

The cover of Idealog’s 2018 Tech Issue is a truly collaborative affair. It began as a brief from the Idealog team to create an artwork that represented New Zealand's technology sector reaching new heights. This was given to 3D motion graphic artist Guangyu Li, who brought the idea to life with creative direction from Idealog's lead designer Wade Wu, before Staples VR took that idea even further with the help of AR. Here's how it all happened.


Stuff senior product manager of experience Justine Kotkin has just returned from the Ideas & Innovation Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference in San Francisco. Now in its sixth year, The Catalyst Conference attracts a powerhouse audience from every corner of tech. Kotkin shares some thoughts on what she loved, what she learnt, and what Kiwi women in tech should do more of.