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Samsung, Spark and celebrity chef Simon Gault team up to create a robot chef

Where tech meets taste: Samsung, Spark and Simon Gault are serving up a unique dining experience using a 5G powered robotic arm to cook up a meal in Wellington all the way from Auckland.

Showcasing their 5G capabilities, telecommunications company Spark and tech company Samsung worked alongside Hamilton-based robotic company RML Machinery and ABB Robotics to create a robotic arm that can be controlled 600km away.

Celebrity chef Simon Gault showcased the capabilities by creating a meal at Wellington restaurant Charley Noble Eatery and Bar from Auckland.

The collaboration is showcasing the 5G capabilities being rolled out across New Zealand.

“We are thrilled to take our partnership with Spark to the next level and demonstrate the capabilities of 5G in such a unique way,” says Todd Selwyn, Head of Networks at Samsung Electronics New Zealand.

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“The 5G technology we’ve delivered for Spark in Wellington allows for increased capacity and network traffic in the Wellington CBD. This event celebrates 5G coverage across the entire Wellington CBD, and we’re so proud to provide the infrastructure that is unlocking this next wave of innovation.”

Currently, Spark’s 5G network is available across 90 locations and is expected to grow.

Renee Mateparae, Spark’s Network and Operations Director, says Spark is making great progress with its roll out.

“This really is a great example of our guiding kaupapa at Spark – Hello Tomorrow – which is all about using technology to unleash an Aotearoa that’s full of possibilities,” says Mateparae.

“By partnering with great local innovators like Simon, Charley Noble, and world-class technology like Samsung, we hope to enable that future full of possibilities.”

Mateparae says that with 5G becoming more accessible, the country will start to see more innovative services and products like the robotic arm, that will make use of the 5G capabilities.

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