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Only 6% of brands use Generative AI despite demands growing

Adobe’s recent report, State of Digital Customer Experience, revealed that despite Australian and New Zealand consumers being frontrunners when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) experiences, only six percent of brands are using the tech.

According to Adobe, around four in 10 consumers (39 percent) across Australia and New Zealand have chosen AI tools and services over a human interaction.

In the latest State of Digital Customer Experience report, Adobe surveyed 4000 global consumers and 1500 executives to understand the world through digital experiences.

But despite the demand, Adobe says that brands are lagging behind adoption when it comes to the use of AI.

Six percent of Australia and New Zealand brands are deploying or piloting Generative AI to enhance the customer experience.

This lags behind from a global perspective, where it is reported at 18 percent, with brands in Europe and the US twice as likely to have budgets, teams and policies surrounding AI.

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“Preferences for AI-assisted brand interactions are emerging as consumers see the potential benefits of generative AI,” says Katrina Troughton, Vice President and Managing Director for Adobe ANZ.

“While ANZ brands are slower to launch generative AI initiatives than others globally, it’s their number one strategic focus for enhancing customer experience.”

The report reveals that over the next 12 months, 43 percent of brands are putting AI as their primary focus when it comes to improving the customer experience.

In an era of AI, more and more consumers are wanting personalisation and seamless experiences, and this is becoming the top challenge for brands.

“Consumers say personalised experiences leave a lasting impression, but most brands struggle to deliver them. Delivering a great experience relies on connected data and insights, acted on in real-time. But with consumers acutely aware of data security and privacy issues, brands must prioritise responsible practices to hold on to customers,” she adds.

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