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E-scooter company Beam celebrates 10 million rides

Beam, the largest micromobility operator in Australia and New Zealand has achieved the milestone of 10 million rides. This is the equivalent of 15 million kilometres traveled by e-scooter or 19 trips to the moon and back. 

Tom Cooper, General Manager of Beam in Australia and New Zealand says the company would like to thank its customers for embracing micromobility.

“10 million rides is a major milestone which has saved a significant amount of car rides and CO2 emissions as a result.” 

The company has helped reduce 3,720 tons of C02 emissions, which would have been generated by the equivalent distance travelled by a petrol-powered car.

New Zealand e-scooter numbers have doubled year on year for the past four years and this trend of rapid growth is expected to continue. Beam has operated in Auckland since early 2020 and launched in Wellington in March this year.

The company plans to expand into New Zealand cities in the future, working closely with local officials to integrate micromobility into communities across the country. 

Frederick Conquer, Beam New Zealand Operations Manager says, “Beam’s goal is to ensure New Zealanders have access to affordable, environmentally friendly, and convenient personal transport options. We’re delighted to now provide this opportunity to even more Kiwis having recently launched in the capital.” 

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