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Moving with the times: The ISP designed for post Covid life

Internet service provider (ISP) Orcon has completely reimagined itself with the future of working and home connectivity in mind.

Chief Executive Taryn Hamilton says the ISP will now tailor technical solutions which accurately match every customer’s needs.

“Connectivity in the home is no longer just about smooth 4K streaming. We know people run business critical applications from their home office, and there’s a need to offer more than just a straight pipe.

“We saw a real opportunity to create an ISP straddling the reality of a blended world and offering new and innovative solutions to modern internet problems.”

The ISP will offer four core products, alongside its fibre, power and mobile services:

Wi-Fi Pro

Wi-Fi Pro guarantees* a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the home. Using address records and premise size data, Orcon will recommend an optimal number of Google Nest Wifi units for individual homes or small offices, guaranteeing strong Wi-Fi signal throughout.

Google Nest Wifi units provide a powerful signal using mesh technology, blanketing a location in Wi-Fi signal. 

Orcon’s technical team will provide assistance with location and set-up if needed, and will send out additional units at no cost if additional coverage is required. 

Hamilton says Wi-Fi issues are the number one cause of complaints ISPs see. “By using Google technology, house size data, and Orcon’s local technical support, these issues can easily be overcome.”

New Hyperfibre plans

Orcon is launching a new 2000Mbps plan, reduced pricing on its 4000Mbps plan and is soon to introduce an 8000Mbps plan. Hamilton says that while the use-case for such ridiculous speeds is still outside most people’s needs, the ISP simply wants to offer the fastest plans possible.

“We’re also seeing tech-savvy businesses take up Hyperfibre and ditch expensive dedicated fibre circuits,” he adds.

Priority Support

Orcon’s $15 Priority Support bolt-on guarantees two things; if there’s a technical fault, a customer jumps the queue and sees an onsite technician arrive in hours, not days. Further, customers calls and emails are routed to the next available agent.

“This provides peace-of-mind that any issues are fixed quickly for those running a business or working from home. In essence, we’re offering business grade service levels to anyone who wants it – in a smarter and cheaper way” says Hamilton.

4G Backup

Orcon launched its 4G Backup product in 2019 with small businesses in mind. If a customer’s main fibre connection goes down, the modem seamlessly switches over to 4G.

Hamilton says the service has proved popular with retailers and those reliant on EFTPOS, but post-COVID the market is bigger than that.

“My own Covid experience confirmed that I need my internet to work, no ifs, buts or maybes. Now people work up to five days a week from home and can’t afford downtime in the middle of a call, an online presentation, trading stocks or submitting a last-minute report.

“With 4G Backup, there’s an extra layer of reliability ready to kick in when you need it most.”

Orcon’s plan reinvention is backed by a new website created by Gladeye and an advertising campaign directed by Joel Kefali, of Lorde’s Royals music video fame.

Hamilton says Orcon has plans for even more products which will distinguish it in the hyper competitive New Zealand ISP market.

“Orcon is known for being first to market, whether copper unbundling, UFB, Gig services or Hyperfibre.

“That’s not changing and our commitment to innovating and improving broadband in New Zealand remains strong. Watch this space for the next round.” 

Orcon Chief Executive Taryn Hamilton

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