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March - April

Issue #56, March - April

Owen Glenn wants to give money away. Lots of it. So why do we have a problem with him – and rich philanthropists in general? Our latest issue also casts a critical eye over Callaghan Innovation two years on, and talks to Kiwi companies that sold out to Silicon Valley – is the post-buy-out buzz all it’s cracked up to be? Plus: 3D printing taking over Wellington design (all good), and robots taking over our jobs (not so great). Oh, and somehow we slipped pics of Rachel Hunter and Paris Hilton into our business mag – how did that happen?


January - February 2015

Issue #55

Chocolate milk madness: was it all planned or a happy accident?; dolleroes from algae (no, really) and NZ’s rockstar economy (yeah, right). Our first ever pink issue looks behind the ...

November - December 2014

Issue #54

NZ's best innovators and design heroes, and why Piketty matters. This issue we celebrate 2014's most exciting innovation and design, investigate why French economist Thomas Piketty's views on inequality matter ...

September-October 2014

Issue #53

Christchurch booms! Apps go bust! Data goes big and small! Inside this issue we search for hope in Canterbury's ruins and reveal everything you want to know about building apps ...

July-August 2014

Issue #52

We delve into Telecom's rebrand to Spark and look back to where the company has come from. Plus, we look at the homes that will solve New Zealand's housing crisis, ...

May-June 2014

Issue #51

Exposure doesn't pay the bills, so show us creative professionals the money! Plus the rise of self-publishing, grilling Retirement Commissioner Diana Maxwell, behind the curtain at outdoors specialists Cactus Equipment ...

March-April 2014

Issue #50

THE ICEMAN COMETH! Rob Fyfe explains how Icebreaker is angling to crack a billion-dollar turnover and Jeremy Moon reflects on the journey thus far. Plus we take a peek inside ...

January-February 2014

Issue #49

Introducing the YouBike, originally a makeshift solution that's set to become an export sensation. And in other goodies, we hit up a handful of top Kiwi business minds to see ...

November-December 2013

Issue #48

It's that time of year again – innovation time! (Well, that's actually all the time, but anyway...) Issue 48 has all the details from the NZ Innovators Awards 2013: the ...

September-October 2013

Issue #47

In the 'design issue' of 2013, we investigate the matter of boutiques versus behemoths: is being a Jack of all trades (or a Jill) good for your design career? Plus ...