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Motorola launches new phones with te ao Māori capabilities

Known for its iconic Razr from the early 2000’s, Motorola is set to launch a new iconic phone for this new generation with te ao Māori capabilities.

The new moto g collection by Motorola is offering a ground-breaking technology for Kiwis: a fully localised user interface in the Māori language.

As the interest in learning the Māori language grows within New Zealand, Motorola has created a device, a first-of-its-kind to meet the demand.

The three moto g devices in the collection will be offering more than just the ability to use Māori characters but also a broader CLDR (Common Language Data Repository) offering, meaning users can select the language from the initial device set-up.

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“Our mission is to create innovative, accessible technology that helps people to connect with intent. We take huge pride in listening to what consumers are looking for in their next smartphone and don’t think key features or design need to be compromised when seeking affordability,” says Kurt Bonnici, Head of Motorola Greater Asia Pacific.

Motorola’s offering is under their initiative to inspire more action towards the revitalisation of indigenous languages and close the gap in digitally inclusive technology.

This initiative comes after partnering up with UNESCO to digitise indigenous languages.

“With enthusiasm and uptake in the Māori language continuing to grow in New Zealand, we want to offer people more choices for their language preferences, in turn providing a greater level of familiarity and control with their device,” adds Rachel Gauci, Head of Product Operations and Execution Motorola Greater Asia Pacific.

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