The Wool Challenge: Isthmus' comfort felt

The Wool Challenge: Isthmus' comfort felt

At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our design community's brilliance. Admittedly, we also get a twisted sort of pleasure out of making our annual design challenge harder and harder each year – but that’s because we want to ensure the community continues to think outside the box. Thanks to our friends at Icebreaker, we sent out a box of very raw wool fibre to some talented humans in a range of design disciplines and tasked them with recreating an everyday object using wool. Here’s what interdisciplinary design studio Isthmus came up with – comfort felt. 

Our world is operating at a staggering pace, a storm of information and noise is thrust upon us whether we like it or not. Finding refuge in this fast-paced world is more important than ever. Our home is at the centre of this refuge, where we find peace, so Isthmus has been looking at adding an extra layer of comfort to our homes.  

Introducing Comfort Felt. It takes the idea of providing warmth and comfort to the person and to the home. By the active and hands-on process of transforming wool into felt, a person embarks on a therapeutic and cathartic, de-stressing experience either personally or with friends. Once the felt is made, it’s used in a number of ways: wristbands (close to the skin), door handles (changing the touch of an everyday surface) and stair rails (changing the look and feel of what’s usually a cold and hard surface).

Instead of stripping our homes bare, perhaps adding a new layer of Comfort Felt helps insulate us from the stresses of the outside world, giving an extra protective layer of comfort to help us build our resilience in today’s fast-paced world. 

Designers: Jotaro Tokunaga, Sophie Fisher, Andrew Norris, Tessa Bradbury, Simon Button, David Irwin, Paulo Costa, Iva Llanera, Abi Hilario, Sam Irvine, Kate walker. 

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