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Best Awards: Why Resn’s Rik Campbell and Steve Le Marquand took top honours

John Britten Black Pin

Rik Campbell and Steve Le Marquand of Resn

But don’t take our word for it. Just ask the major international brands (like Adidas, Burger King, Lexus, MailChimp, Netflix and Subaru) they’ve worked with, or take a gander at the more than 250 international awards – including Cannes Lions, Webby Awards, One Show, D&ADs and more than a few Best Design Awards Purple and Gold Pins – they’ve won since Resn was established in 2004. That’s a lot of accolades in what’s a relatively short period of time.

Resn is known for its user-oriented and boundary-pushing projects. Aside from its international work, it also continues to produce ground-breaking local projects such as FAFSWAGVOGUE, an interactive documentary made in collaboration with Piki Films.

In winning the Black Pin, Campbell and Le Marquand join the ranks of some of New Zealand’s best-known designers – legendary names like Karen Walker, David Trubridge, and John Britten himself.

“I’m proud to share this prestigious award with my business partner and good mate, Steve, even though I did most of the work,” said Campbell “in a signed written statement.”

Le Marquand responded “at a later press conference,” where a spokesperson who may or may not have been Le Marquand himself pointed out an interesting fact. “If you look closely, you’ll notice they put Steve’s name on the award first. I wonder why? ‘Cause it’s not in alphabetical order, Rik. We checked the alphabet. Twice.”

At the Best Awards, Resn has twice won a Purple Pin, as well as numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze Pins. “I keep a Gold Pin next to the bed, in case of a home invasion scenario,” said Le Marquand. “I like the Black, though. It’s stealthier.”

Idealog has also learned that, since winning the Black Pin, the duo have passed on their congratulations to each other through their lawyers. A joint custody agreement for the Black Pin is also said to be in the works.

On a more serious note, the Designers Institute of New Zealand – the folks behind the Best Design Awards – had this to say about the “inseparable” duo: “They’re a cohesive, united team with a very strong vision.”

That inseparability and cohesiveness is one reason why the Black Pin was awarded to two people instead of just one for the very first time.

Another reason why Resn won? The Designers Institute also had this to say: “In defiance of all logic and some physics, the company has become a multi-headed, intercontinental conglomerate while retaining its founding principle to surprise, delight and bewilder.”

Aren’t those three of the things that good design is all about?

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