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Kiwi ed-tech start-up sees success in the US

Founded by entrepreneur Bruce Jackson, Kai’s Education is reaching new heights after successfully expanding into the US and recently being named as a finalist in the 2024 EdTech Awards.

The Kiwi-designed AI learning robot, KaiBot by start-up Kai’s Education, is seeing large success across the world.

Designed by Jackson due to the challenge of teaching coding, KaiBot is a small AI-assisted robot that helps teach the principles of coding in a fun and interactive way.

“We’re excited to be one of the first businesses in the world to combine robotics, AI and both physical and online tools to create a genuinely enjoyable learning experience for students of all abilities,” says Ronel Schodt, Co-founder of Kai’s Education.

KaiBot’s innovation has led to the start-up’s success not only in New Zealand but also in the US, where Kai’s Education has opened up a US subsidiary to meet demand.

Kai’s Education is already established in six universities in the US as well as 28 elementary schools, with more than 50,000 students are using their robots across the US and New Zealand.

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The quick success has seen another successful Kiwi entrepreneur in the ed-tech space jump on Kai’s Education board: Bob Drummond, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Kami.

“I’ve seen the company making an impact at the US education trade shows and have been impressed with their energy and their vision. I believe they have the fundamentals of a truly ground-breaking ed-tech firm and I’m happy to lend my experience toward their success,” says Drummond.

Their innovation of the KaiBot has led Kai’s Education to be recently named a finalist in the global EdTech Awards in 2024.

Schodt adds that this achievement for their small tech start-up proves that they are “punching well above [our] weight”.

“Each award or nomination helps to cement Kai’s Education as a contender in the global ed-tech marketplace,” she adds.

Going forward, Kai Education will continue to push in the US, where throughout 2024 they will be present at numerous trade events and workshops.

“[Our] numbers is set to explode as these new contracts land. Watch this space.”

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