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The 2019 Reimagination issue of Idealog is out now and explores the art of reinvention in business and why it's never too late to pivot into

After years of missteps, Air New Zealand has today launched a new safety video that gets to the point, without patronising its audience. 'Air

Following Little Giant's rebrand to Isobar, CEO Ian Howard talks us through how the new identity has lifted the agency’s expectations of itself and

You’ve heard the statistics on waste, there will be more plastic than fish in our ocean by 2050, meanwhile our world is running out

Westfield Newmarket has provided us many new exciting gems with its new range of retail openings due next year. Now the centre has announced

The latest issue of NZ Marketing came off the printers this week and is making its way to our subscribers. Delving into New Zealand's media industry,

StopPress and NZ Marketing editor-in-chief, Erin McKenzie, reports from the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. Here, she shares the importance of customer experience in business,

ANZA and the Comms Council have pleaded to the global advertising and agency community to review its relationship with Facebook following the Christchurch attacks. Here

In Auckland city, a passionate group came together for a talk on Ethical Fashion by New Zealand industry experts. The event was organised by Outliv,

Sixty-two years after its first edition, New Zealand’s naturist magazine – gonatural – has seen it all. From censorship and explicit status, to countless

Antipodean excitement has stirred as the announcement of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex inspired Giapo kitchen to immortalise the event with a

Biosecurity 2025 has launched ‘Ko T?tou This Is Us’, a nationwide campaign designed to help New Zealanders understand and care about biosecurity.

George Perry is a Professor of Environmental Science in the School of Environment at Auckland University. Perry conducts research on how humans influence forest

Bringing back animals that have long been extinct holds a special type of excitement for many – just imagine seeing a moa back in the wild. But

The backlash to Nike’s new Colin Kaepernick campaign on social media would make a casual observer believe that Nike’s marketing team has made a

The New Zealand Book Council (NZBC) is on a mission to improve the country’s literacy rates so it’s teamed up with Colenso BBDO and Assembly

The Idea Log, Idealog's spirit 'animal', is here to propose a few solutions to help get our country’s A into GDP. This time, it's

Over 80% of a company’s value is now considered to come from its intangible assets, which encompass a wide range of things such as

A business’ intellectual property is regarded as a primary source of fuel for generating long-term value. Too often, however, the development of IP strategy

Determining whether to protect your IP or not is one of the most important decisions you will need to make as a business owner/leader. 

Choosing which forms of IP are right for your business depends on a few factors including, what you’re seeking to protect or achieve through

Raising capital to support a hungry, growing business can represent an exciting milestone for your company or organisation.  Whether you are tapping venture capital,

As with anything that you want to do well, getting to grips with the ins and outs of intellectual property (IP) and the ways

Dr Delwyn Moller is a prominent earth scientist, former NASA scientist, and current director of research at the Centre for Space Science Technology

Our regular roundup of recent deals done and/or did, featuring movements at Re-Leased, Mevo, Dunedin's waterfront, and Uber.

Our regular roundup of recent deals done and/or did, featuring movements at the Skin Institute, ColabNZ, Little Giant, Bambi Boutique and RJ's. 

Air New Zealand's teamed up with Silicon Valley start-up Impossible Foods to serve a plant-based burger and according to the promotional video by True, it's quite

The winners of the sixth annual KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards, which parades the impact of science through to successful research commercialisation within New Zealand’s