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Unite Against Covid-19 calls on the help of creatives to encourage Kiwis to #stayhomeforit

Clemenger BBDO and Unite Against Covid are calling on creatives to inspire young New Zealanders to stay committed to the nationwide lockdown, by tempting an offer of what’s in store if they #stayhomeforit.

As we enter week three of lockdown, many of us are battling boredom and becoming impatient, however, it is important that we are reminded to stay at home and look forward to the future post-covid-19.

#STAYHOMEFORIT is a callout by Unite Against Covid-19 towards businesses, brands, musicians and artists to show their audiences what awaits for them on the outside.

Watch the call out video here.

Already getting involved is Kiwi favourites Six60, who did their own supportive encouragement to Kiwis, tempting fans with new music.


From products in high demand to unreleased items, songs or other creations, the campaign aims to encourage young Kiwis to stay home by showing them what’s to come.

Creations can be old favourites, new items that have been delayed due to the lockdown, or new creations developed during self isolation.

By encouraging young people to stay home, the virus is less likely to spread, lockdown could be lifted and Kiwis can be rewarded with the highly anticipated products.

The call on creatives is set to connect businesses with consumers and artists with fans and provides an optimistic approach of what awaits on the other side.

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