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Biosecurity 2025 crafts a love letter to Aotearoa to get Kiwis caring more

The emotional minute-long spot, by Clemenger BBDO, is narrated by a kuia who, looking back on her life, understands the importance and fragility of the world she is passing on.

It opens with her sitting on a beach in an armchair as she begins her letter to Aotearoa. The scenery changes to her sitting in the armchair in a café, on a farm and in an orchard as she speaks of New Zealand’s, and her own, connection to the land and how plentiful the country t is. These shots are mixed with pictures of children playing, laughing and eating fresh, home-grown food.

Then, as she speaks of how vulnerable Aotearoa is to pests and diseases, graphic images of what could happen unless we “guard as if our way of life depends on it, because it does.” The ad ends with the kuia back on the original beach where she asks New Zealanders to look after and protect Aotearoa.

The lady who was cast in the role of the kuia is a regular person rather than an actor, and real memories from her life are woven throughout the story. 

Biosecurity 2025 is a partnership between people, organisations, M?ori, and central, local and regional government. Its aim is to make New Zealand’s biosecurity system more resilient and future-focused to protect our country from pests and diseases.

Brigid Alkema, executive creative director of Clemenger BBDO, says when the elderly speak, we turn and listen.

“There’s a wisdom and a perspective we all wish we could have earlier. With limited time left, they truly understand what’s important in the world they’re passing on. To bring this perspective to what we have here in Aotearoa, we worked with a real woman to craft a retrospective love letter to New Zealand, a final word of advice we can all learn from.”

Tim Fraser, manager of planning and implementation, 4.7 Million Project, Biosecurity 2025 says with the passion of the team at Clemenger BBDO, “together we’ve been able to create a platform that we believe will make biosecurity something that every New Zealander can care about and relate to. We look forward to developing the next phases of the campaign over the coming months and years.”

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