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A treat fit for a (future) king: Giapo releases ice cream inspired by royal visit

The humble pav’ has long been an iconic staple of New Zealand summer, yet the royals visit has inspired Giapo’s kitchen to create the Royal Pavlova; a take on our classic with a fancy flair. Marrying this Kiwi dessert, local seasonal fruit and a fitting touch of gold, the cone has an uncommon silhouette; two cones.

“It is to symbolise Harry and Meghan’s recent nuptials,” says Giapo’s Annarosa. “And the announcement of their precious impending arrival.”

The cones are topped with what Giapo calls a “New Zealand summer pavlova, all dressed up for the Royal occasion”. The pavlova is piped on, topped by ice cream and then a crown of local blueberries and strawberries–some covered with 24-carat gold leaf.

Looking at the creation inspires the same, if not equal, awe that the royals inspire. The talented team at Giapo’s downtown kitchen have pulled out what is yet another artistic creation that goes beyond what is expected of any normal ice cream.

But the trick here is that Giapo is never normal. Shown even recently with its Auckland Harbour Bridge ice cream as part of its ‘Sculptural’ collection. A single cone which looks like a standard ice cream until revealing the topper which appears to be two edible molds created to shape into the bridge’s unmistakable architecture.

The molds were created by a laser cutting machine, a standard kitchen appliance found in all Kiwi homes. To source triangle shape-cutters, Giapo created custom-made stainless triangle molds using the laser cutter. After that, the talented chefs coated the molds in dark chocolate to form the finished product; one which is meant to be bought alongside another to complete a full bridge.

For Idealog’s previous technology experiment, Giapo took the challenge in its stride. Creating the first wearable ice cream. Speaking to Idealog back in August, Giapo says the collection of ice creams was designed to fit on a fingertip rather than be held in the hand, but the design of the cone ensures there’s no ice cream leakage. Instead, the waffle cone is cut across the middle, while the bottom part of the cone points up inside the wider top part, creating a double layer that’s sealed together by chocolate.

The rings are also crafted in chocolate and fit on the fingertips, just like the childhood Burger Rings and Cheezels that kids tended to place on their fingers. Grazioli says the wearable ice cream was a concept the team had thought about for a while and decided to bring it to life when Idealog asked them to take part in the experiment.

The royal visit is one many New Zealand’s are excited to be part of, yet Giapo’s creation has now allowed fans to be involved in a more up close and personally delicious way.

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