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The future of customer experiences is in AI

Cloud software company, Adobe, reveals that for Australian and New Zealand brands,  customer experiences are moving towards the virtual world.

With consumers becoming more aware and comfortable with technologies, Kiwi customers are expecting virtual and immersive environments when it comes to their experience.

Adobe’s Future of Digital Experiences report surveyed over 13,000 consumers across the two countries and 4,250 marketing and customer experience professionals.

The report reveals that almost half, 44 percent of Kiwi and Australian consumers expectations are heightening as economic climate worsens, and in dire times, Adobe says marketing and customer experience professionals need to start looking at artificial intelligence (AI) to meet demands.

“Consumers across Australia and New Zealand have high expectations for brands, and this is only increasing as economic challenges grow in the region,” says Katrina Troughton, Vice President and Managing Director for Adobe ANZ.

“Marketers already recognise the potential of artificial intelligence. The next step is to invest in such emerging technologies and apply it across all CX workflows to accelerate the delivery of personalised experiences.”

And Kiwi brands are responding to this trend by adopting innovative digital experiences.

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In mid-2022, telecommunications and digital services company, Spark launched a street museum through the use of augmented reality (AR) to showcase its 5G capabilities.

This was a customer experience that showed customers what Spark’s 5G technological capabilities meant for the country.

Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed say they are taking up virtual and immersive events and using virtual tools to build products and turn them into physical items, while 65 percent use virtual influencers and celebrities, and 63 percent offer digital tokens as a form of payment.

With digital tools such as generative AI, Adobe says it can completely transform how consumers interact with brands.

Sixty-three percent say using generative AI can enhance the customer experience and 66 percent say it can improve product quality.

On an international scale, many countries such as India, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are using innovative digital experiences to offer new customer experiences, whereas Australia and New Zealand are just now hopping on the wave.

The report also found that nine in ten consumers in New Zealand say the use of generative AI can improve product and experiences.

With generative AI, Adobe reports that 37 percent of companies are still prioritising ethical considerations when it comes to using the digital tool.

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