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Meta launches Generative AI tools for Kiwi advertisers

Meta is launching Generative AI tools to help Kiwi advertisers following a test trial in the US earlier in 2023.

The launch of the Generative AI tools is expected to help advertisers be more creative and save time when using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

These tools will help creatives launch and test ads faster and can be used across multiple asset variation; “reducing time spent between creative and media teams on time-consuming editing tasks and allowing for more strategic work”.

Background generation, image expansion and text variation are the AI-powered tools and experiences that will be helpful for businesses, says a Meta spokesman.

Using background generation, advertisers will be able to create multiple backgrounds for product images and allow for tailored creative assets depending on different audiences.

Image expansion can be used for adjusting creative assets to fit the different aspect ratios used across the likes of Feed or Reels, saving creatives time repurposing them.

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Text variation will allow advertisers to create a variety of multiple versions of ad texts based on the original copy, focusing on selling points, highlights and more.

Meta says that the launch of these tools will spur productivity as creatives save time and resources.

In a survey of early adopters during early testing, Meta reveals that advertisers have estimated saving five or more hours a week, equating to one month per year.

With the use of these tools, Meta hopes advertisers can reach their strategic goals whether it be through page likes, brand awareness, reach, engagement etc.

Creatives have a large impact on ads, and Meta hopes that the introduction of these tools will help them make the best-performing ads.

The launch of the AI tools follows Meta’s rollout of AI features such as stickers, image editing, assistants and characters which were announced in September.

These AI-powered tools are only the beginning for Meta which is planning to offer advertisers more ways to make their advertising easier and will soon include messaging apps, Messenger and WhatsApp.

“With millions of businesses advertising on our platform, we will continue to take a collaborative approach in developing these features and experiences so that they provide value to businesses and people,” says the Meta spokesperson.

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