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Local agencies tell the story of a true bean pioneer

In a bold move, the company has removed the iconic Heinz Beanz branding for new labels, launching four new can sizes.

The three minute film tells the story of how over the years Geoff’s circumstances change – from getting married to having twins – which prompt him to create a new can size for every life stage.

“Heinz Beanz is one of those classically iconic global products that only Don Draper and advertising school students get to work on. It’s not the kind of brief that falls in your lap in the real world. But it did and so the Y&R and Assembly teams came together and delivered Geoff –  a truly beautiful piece of work that’s going to sell a hell of a lot of beans,” says Josh Moore, Y&R NZ’s chief executive and chief compliance officer.

The Australian integrated campaign features music composed by Franklin Road. Aside from the film for online and cinema, there will be individual product spots for TV, digital, and point of sale.

“Launching an animated campaign which directly influences the real-world, on-shelf product is a unique, gratifying process. Hopefully, the Australian public enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it,” says Tom Paine, executive creative director at Y&R NZ.

Damon Duncan, director at Assembly says it was a pleasure working with the team from Y&R to create the campaign.

“We loved bringing these characters to life and telling Geoff’s story. The opportunity to tell a life story on this scale was a fun challenge and one the Assembly team relished.” 

  • This story originally appeared on StopPress
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