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The mysterious Reddit button (and 5 more ways to waste the working day)

Here’s the skinny: At the beginning of last month a mysterious button and countdown clock appeared on Reddit, baring these scant instructions: “You can only press the button once,” it said, “we can’t tell you what to do from here on out. The choice is yours.”

Seems simple enough. A button with a clock counting down from the sixty second mark next to it. When the button is clicked, the timer goes back to sixty seconds and the countdown starts again.

So what happens when the clock reaches zero? Well that’s the thing. No one knows yet, because click-happy Reddit users – almost a million so far – can’t seem to resist clicking the button before it does.

And it raises some interesting questions, doesn’t it?

Will the countdown timer ever reach zero? What happens when it does? What’s the point of it all? Is it just some meaningless April Fool’s gag that’s somehow taken on a life of its own? Or a genius social experiment examining groupthink and fear of the unknown? Or something else?  

Whatever the reason, it’s an internet time-sink of the highest order, so, in that spirit, here are five more of the internet’s best ways to spit in the face of productivity.

     1. Richard Branson picking up women

If you thought our Prime Minister’s idea of ‘horseplay’ was strange, check out this extended coverage of Sir Richard Branson’s favoured form of being a nuisance.

     2. Find the invisible cow

There’s a cow hiding somewhere on this page and it’s your job to find it!*

*Hint: He’s hiding behind the shouting

     3. Shut up and take my money!

A website dedicated to stuff everybody wants but no-one could possibly need.

     4. Play 80’s games online

Ahh, the 80’s. Don’t pretend you weren’t there. From Double Dragon to Time Pilot, this site proves that the classic time-wasters never go out of style.

     5. FML

If you think your life is messed up, take heart. This site proves there’s always someone having a worse day than you.

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