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Umbrella Experiment

Idealog is one of the few media brands dedicated to celebrating the best of New Zealand’s design industry. And Blunt is a New Zealand company with a long history of using its design skills to create more beautiful, more functional umbrellas. So, as part of our design series, we’re asking our audience to submit a design that could end up on a limited-edition umbrella and net the winner a heap of prizes, including a six-month co-working tenancy at Generator for up to four people that’s worth $28,000. 

Idealog + Insight Creative

Getting staff aligned and focused on the collective vision and purpose requires a very special sort of internal marketing and communication strategy. It takes enormous leadership authenticity and commitment to be successful.

Riding the wave

While surfing is an activity that brings the person experiencing it closer to nature, the materials that surfboards are constructed out of aren't always environmentally friendly. A traditional material used for it, polyurethane foam, can be extremely toxic to the environment, but there are new, eco-friendly alternatives people are starting to turn to, such as cardboard. Mount-Maunganui based surfboard maker and iOS developer Chris Hetem talks us through the design process of crafting one.

That's a wrap

Pepa is a boutique stationery brand which has recently started operating from a historical building site in Christchurch. Owner Ami Muir talks about the aesthetic style behind her stationery range and how the historical building helps communicate her brand.