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Special launches design packages to support Kiwi start-ups

Aware of a growing number of start-ups and entrepreneurs in New Zealand, and as a former start-up itself, Special is giving back to the community by helping others in the early stages of brand development.

Heath Lowe, Founder and Executive Design Director of Special, says one of the biggest contributing factors to their success is the consideration of brand purpose to product.

“We were a start-up once, at the beginning of the GFC. That was tough and we had to focus on the essentials. We relate to the growing number of new businesses who are at the beginning of their journey, or at a pivotal point, right now,” says Lowe.

In order to support the growing number of smart businesses in New Zealand, Special has launched four design packages to enable early-stage ventures to access necessary design services easily.

Special, now ranked as the 30th most successful start-up in the world, has previously supported emerging brands transform into thriving businesses such as Karma Cola and BraveFace.

“From our experience, we believe the clarity of an innovative new offering relies greatly on getting the foundations right,” says Lowe.

“We’re continually impressed by what innovative New Zealanders can offer to the world, and we’re committing our skills to help the next generation of these businesses succeed.”

1. Plot: Special begins with early design exploration support investment considerations.

2. Provision: Special works with clients to design the essentials needed to get going, bringing the brand strategy to life from design concepts to a simple brand.

3. Propel: Special develops some light, efficient brand strategy support, name exploration and design concepts through to a simple brand identity toolkit.

4. Prosper: Special dials up requirements based on brand and product offering, developing a comprehensive brand strategy, naming, visual identity and guidelines.

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