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Adobe reveals creative trends of 2023

Popular computer software, Adobe has revealed in its latest report the trending visual styles and themes that are expected to be in demand across the world for 2023.

From the work of well-established fashion designers, graphic designers and work created by everyday users, Adobe has identified four trends.

Psychic Waves, Real is Radical, Retro Active and Animals and Influencers are trends that are expected to shape 2023.

“As we emerge from a time overshadowed by uncertainty related to the global pandemic, people crave content that feels familiar yet fresh, but also evokes feelings through authentic, inclusive and unfiltered experiences,” says Brenda Milis, Principal of Consumer and Creative Insights at Adobe.

“These trends are indicative of how creators are envisioning and shaping our world and using their platforms to share content that brings joy and happiness in their own unique styles to people globally.”

Psychic Waves

Following the post-pandemic shift towards mental health and wellness, 2023 can expect audiences to delve deeper into exploring spirituality, nature and wellness.

With 46 percent of Gen Z saying they are anxious and stressed, audiences are looking for the visual effects that target this.

In 2023, psychic waves looks at escaping reality through psychedelic gradients, vibrant colours and aesthetics that imply blurred vision.

Real is Radical

The Real is Radical trend for 2023 is a celebration of candid and unvarnished moments of people’s experiences and realities.

The trend is already seen in 2022 with more and more brands embracing campaigns that feature all races, genders, ages, abilities and sizes – swapping out curated for candid moments.

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With the likes of apps such as BeReal, a social media platform that asks users to take unfiltered photos of themselves once a day, the idea of people being authentic is as popular as ever.

Adobe expects 2023 will be full of more authentic images that are more emotion-filled and close-up behind-the-scenes moments through video, alongside a rise of colourful trends.

Brenda Milis.

Retro Active

Seen heavily in fashion in 2022, the 90s and Y2K are making a long-lasting comeback on the world as a whole.

Inspired by Gen Z creators who are experimenting and evolving with the decade’s distinctive trends, 2023 can expect many people exploring vintage styles and modernising them.

Though many Gen Z audiences are exploring the vintage, Millennials and Gen X are finding comfort and familiarity in those styles.

Features such as rainbow-fuelled colour palettes, texts and toy-inspired styles are expected to be popular in 2023.

Animals and influencers

A new and surprising theme expected to take over 2023 is the theme of animals and influencers, working to charm and appeal to consumers’ affection and engagement.

In 2023, characters are proving to be a powerful tool for brands as they attract and retain consumer interest and engagement.

With a rise in global demand in categories such as anime and influencers, 2023 can expect a dominating presence in brand messaging.

3D renders and virtual worlds are expected to see a huge demand in 2023, with more and more brands leveraging on this.

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