Idealog + Tauranga

Tauranga’s agricultural success isn’t limited to growing things. From cutting-edge work in robotics, to brand new species and colours of kiwifruit, to new ways of monitoring farms, technology is being harnessed in the region to improve the industry. 

Onwards and upwards

With Blade Runner 2049 currently in cinemas winning rave reviews, we have yet another vision of the dystopian impact technology will have in the future. As critically acclaimed as the film might be, it’s nothing new to see technology pessimistically cast as the villain in pop culture. But Vodafone's global rebrand has adopted a slightly more positive view on what the future might hold. 

Get ready

Its long has been the domain of science fiction, but artificial intelligence has arrived. Kirsten Patterson, chief executive of the Institute of Directors, talks about the implications for government and business.

A great merge beckons

In September, PHD worldwide strategy and planning director Mark Holden spoke about impending conflation of tech and humanity. He argues that we are already well along this path but says things will become really interesting over the next two decades. What follows is a short excerpt from Merge, a book co-written by Holden and a number of other contributors across the PHD network.

Gamify my life

The word “gamification” is one of those multi-syllabic terms that gets thrown around a lot these days. Seemingly everything can be turned into a game of some kind – even rehabilitation.