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Christchurch’s top tech companies team up for world-first software

Former Hi-Tech Company of the Year, Seequent, teams up with game development studio, CerebralFix, who have worked with the likes of Disney and Pixar to launch a world-first app, Visible Geology, for school students.

Both companies are located in Christchurch and have created an “immersive, innovative gaming experience” to help Kiwi students learn about earth science and geology concepts through Visible Geology.

What makes Visible Geology a world-first is their move from the traditional 2D and paper-based teaching methods into immersive 3D modelling.

Everyone at Seequent is passionate about inspiring the next generation of earth scientists. We know how critical earth scientists are to understanding the earth’s resources and solving some of the world’s most urgent and complex challenges – from climate resilience to the energy transition,” says Graham Grant, CEO of Seequent.

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“With falling enrolments and older professionals retiring, there is a workforce crisis ahead that is set to impact our way of life. That’s why we have taken our world-leading expertise in earth science software and brought in gaming experts CerebralFix to build Visible Geology and have decided to make it available to everyone, for free.”

Seequent operates in 150 countries and works to create technologies for the earth science community from developing critical mineral resources more sustainably, designing and building better infrastructure, source renewable energy, and reducing their impact on the environment.

CerebralFix, founded in 2007, is a game development studio that works on creating immersive experiences such as augmented reality (AR) storytelling platforms.

Co-CEO of CerebralFix, Chelsea Rapp, says that video games have the ability to transform how to educate young Kiwis and make it immersive through interactive learning.

She adds Visible Geology can be a dynamic tool that empowers people to learn and experiment in ways traditional methods can’t match.

Visible Geology is a free to use platform and can be accessed by anyone with internet.

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