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New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sports teams up with global tech company

New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sports (NZCIS) has teamed up with tech company NTT Data, who work with 75 percent of the Fortune 100 to create solutions for the organisation with advanced technology and data-driven insights.

Combining NZCIS’s facilities and connections with the country’s sporting landscape and the advanced technology of NTT Data, the partnership will look into data collection in sports and monetisation through innovative solutions.

Prior to their collaboration with NZCIS, NTT Data has already worked closely with big sporting projects like the Tour de France, the NTT Indycar Series, Major League Baseball and more.

Their partnership will make use of their combined biometric and performance data with athlete profiles to improve training efficiency and provide new experiences for athletes and fans.

“NTT DATA has partnered with NZCIS to accelerate the co-creation of new business in the sports industry leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies. By closely working with NZCIS, we will jointly justify outcomes from joint solution development and joint business creation,” says NTT DATA, Inc. Executive Vice President, Noriyuki Kaya.

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“I believe this partnership will lead digital business innovation and development of the sports industry.”

NTT Data hopes find innovative solutions using generative AI, the metaverse, web 3.0 technologies, genetic engineering and more.

For New Zealand, this marks a partnership that makes them pioneers in smart sports innovation.

“We are extremely excited to see this investment in technology reach the next stage in its evolution. With the support of the NTT Group, it is not only enabling NZCIS to be a leader in the use of technology in sport, but it extends beyond that to our accommodation, food, and beverage offerings to pursue the vision of a Smart Campus,” adds  Malcolm Gillies NZCIS Co-Owner.

“We see this as a new era also for the foundation member sports teams at NZCIS, who can benefit from the innovation, research, and development, both in terms of performance but also, we hope in exploring new commercial opportunities”.

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