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Nearly 5% of NZ’s tech sector is owned by Māori

In its annual report, Toi Hangarau celebrates 2024 as a significant milestone for Māori-owned tech enterprises as New Zealand counts 85 companies.

There are 85 tech companies in Aotearoa that are Māori-owned, up from 72 last year, that is 4.8% of the country’s tech sector.

From the 85 Māori-owned tech companies, they have employed 1300 full-time equivalent staff.

The top 12 earners have generated revenues of $160.5 million, which is up from $120 million last year.

Robyn Kamira, CEO of Pāua Interface and Founder of the report says that Māori-owned tech enterprises are increasing their economic footprint and starting to make a name for themselves.

 “Given that the Māori population is around 17%, we might expect a similar proportion in the tech sector,” says Kamira.

The Toi Hangarau report looks at data and insight from the Māori tech sector and highlights their successes and economic achievements.

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Tech Users Association of New Zealand CEO Craig Young says that this is “important taonga” that puts a spotlight on Māori tech engagement and through this report, the country is set to building a more diverse and vibrant tech sector.

“It’s clear these businesses are not only expanding their economic reach but also paving the way for greater Māori participation in the tech sector,” says Elle Archer, Executive Chair Te Ao Matihiko.

“The report underscores the crucial role of these enterprises in driving innovation, economic prosperity, and inter-generational ownership within Aotearoa, New Zealand.”

Graeme Muller, Chief Executive of NZTech chimes in to say that the Māori tech sector is rapidly growing to become the fastest-growing, which for the bigger picture is good for the future of Aotearoa and good for the world.

For Māori-owned tech companies, there is rapid advancement specifically in generative AI

As a whole, these 85 tech companies represent 909 years of business experience, with the oldest being 51 years old.

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