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Best Awards

The kids are our future, and this year's Best Awards entries were a reflection of this. A common thread connecting entries across various categories was that their design was orientated at a young audience. Here are some of our favourites picks for New Zealand designed products and spaces that are aimed at the little ones.

Idealog + Insight Creative

Like most arts organisations, The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra is focused on attracting new audiences. For the 2017 campaign, they acknowledged that new audiences weren’t being attracted by the traditional ways of marketing their upcoming season. Insight Creative proposed a new approach to deliver cut-through and to position a night at the NZSO as a viable arts and entertainment experience.

Feel the flow

In 2016, Fly helped water brand Pump curate a Lifestyle Collection of limited edition labels, which gave people the freedom to create their own lifestyle, share it on social media and win it in the real world. As a follow-up campaign, Fly aimed for a bit more co-creation with Pump’s fans. And the Create Your Flow campaign was born.


Auckland artist Emma Bass, whose photographic work “Hydrangeas 8.50 am” from her Imperfect series was selected for the Summer Exhibition at the 2016 Royal Academy in London, has embarked on a fresh new path.  And it was her visit to that capital city that planted the seed – pun quite possibly intended.

Game of frames

The best creative ideas would exist only in the mind if it weren't for the craftiness of the industry's builders, the practical hands-on folks who actually build the things that advertising folks dream up. One such builder is Phantom Billstickers' Ethan Ruffles. Here are Ruffles' thoughts on working in the Phantom workshop and turning ideas into tangible things that people touch (and sometimes steal).