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Motion Sickness’ new design arm: The Design Office

Advertising agency Motion Sickness has launched a new design arm of its agency: The Motion Sickness Design Office, aiming to bring the agency’s same creativity to the world of identity and design. 

The Design Office will serve as the dedicated branding and identity design wing of the company.  Advertising agency and design agency will be “living in the same house, but sleeping in separate beds”, according to Motion Sickness. “A modern marriage of brush and pen, art and commerce.”

Since its inception, design has been an integral component in much of Motion Sickness’ award-winning work, including comprehensive identity refreshes for Aotearoa brands such as Sorted, Big Save and Whānau Ora, to full scale brand creation for Frank Energy & Ministry for Ethnic Communities.

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With this new formalised offering, clients can indulge in a brand facelift, without fear or obligation of an integrated campaign and/or the dreaded cinematic 90” TVC. 

The Design Office describes itself online, “Our new design office is best described as a mindset – a fictional space that denotes where we can shift our minds to issues of hierarchy, balance, type and branded pens. Allowing them to be discussed at length without being dismissed as ‘executional.’ Enabling us to decipher and draw out a bewildered brand’s inner self.” 

The Design Office website includes a design translator, allowing both clients and designers alike to decode long winded feedback, passive aggressive requests and ostentatious designer notes. In addition to this new technology, Motion Sickness has bolstered its design depth with a cast of talented new hires. 

The metaphorical Design Office doors are now open for brands big and small.

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