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Kiwi design agency wins awards for its work on luxury skincare brand, TWYG

Auckland design studio Seachange has worked with the luxury skincare brand TWYG to nab awards for their brand and packaging both in New Zealand and in Australia.

For this year’s award season, Seachange’s work for TWYG has win multiple top awards across brand and packaging categories.

The skincare brand is known for “harnessing the power of high-dosage Bioactive Totarol” which is sourced from fallen New Zealand Tōtara trees.

TWYG was able to win at the Best Awards for brand and packaging and later received top honours at the AGDAs (Australian Graphic Design Awards) alongside winning the Pinnacle for Packaging awards and distinctions in 3D structural design and brand identity categories, beating major Australian studios.

Seachange Creative Director Amanda Gaskin says that their design for TWYG is heavily inspired by the Tōtara tree to represent the brand’s provenance and lifestyle considerations.

The team at Seachange were tasked to represent the Tōtara tree and create a distinctive brand name, identity, and packaging solution that linked to the original story of the product but also cut through the saturated beauty industry.

“Tonal and textural inspiration is drawn from the Tōtara tree, and every detail has been considered. The aim was to craft a brand that authentically embodies a modern skincare range with ancient roots, striking a harmonious balance between the natural tones and textures found in nature and the precision and efficacy inherent in science and innovation,” she says.

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Gaskin explains that the process began with the name, ‘TWYG’, a name that symbolises the power of the product, and through the use of Seachange’s bespoke logotype with serif forms that reflected the Tōtara tree, were they able to create the name.

Steph and Ryan Davies.

The packaging was also noteworthy for their “experimental structural elements”, once again reflecting the Tōtara tree.

She says they used totem-like structures to form a forest-like silhouette.

Seachange also worked to create packaging that encouraged sustainable use of them, such as holding on them as keepsakes or in the future as refills are being developed.

Founders of TWYG, Steph and Ryan Davies, say they worked alongside Seachange for this task because they knew “they were the right people for the job”.

“Seachange expertly brought our vision to life, demonstrating exceptional attention to detail and visionary thought process throughout the project. Their efforts elevated the brand and packaging beyond our wildest imagination,” says Steph.

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