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Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

There’s been a lot of talk around diversity initiatives in tech industry, but if Ezel Kokcu’s achievements are anything to go by, there’s hope for the future. After selling her previous two businesses, Kokcu is about to launch her third start-up – Passphere ­– in October. We had had a chat to her about her business, as well as what needs to be done to encourage more women into tech.

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

With the advent of artificial intelligence and more automation than you can shake a stick at, what becomes of the tasks that people perform in their everyday environments? Pead PR technology director Sarah Munnik shares how a chance incident at New Zealand's border control shows how humanity is so much more than the mere processing which computers are so good at.

Future learning

Teaching kids about money seems to fall into a grey area between parents and school educators, with both assuming the responsibility will be carried out by the other. International growth lead at Banqer, Simon Brown, discusses what can be done to make the next generation more financially savvy.

On the tools

As existing products, companies and, in some cases, entire industries are disrupted, the world of business can seem fairly chaotic. But there are ways to prosper. Peter Lee, consulting professor, commercialisation and entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland and chief technologist at the New Zealand Defence Force, explains how businesses old and new can use the tools at our disposal to adapt, innovate and find new opportunities. 


Idealog #65: The Technology Issue

Reality Check: The tech sector is booming in New Zealand and new technologies continue to amaze us, entertain us and improve us. But as we step into the unknown, are we in danger of losing our humanity?

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Idealog's Guide to Wellington

A panoply of impressive information about our well-paid, smart, highly caffeinated, well-fed, fit, tech-savvy, design-led, environmentally-conscious, entertained, happy capital city.

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The great food disruption

Milk without the cow, meatless burgers that bleed, chicken and shrimp made from plant matter, and now foie gras without a force-fed goose in sight. A new food revolution enabled by science and biotech is brewing and, if it succeeds, animals will have little to do with the future of food. For some, that future looks rosy, but, as Dr. Rosie Bosworth writes, the implications for New Zealand’s agricultural sector could be less than palatable.

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These are a few of our favourite things

As part of Idealog's Design Month, we've picked the brains of some of the most interesting individuals in the industry to find out their favourite design-related things, their not-so-secretive side hustles and what inspires them creatively.

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Wrestler's AR/VR World Tour

Wellington content producer Wrestler recently travelled around the real world to look at the future of the virtual world.

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How to innovate (and how not to)

Different approaches to innovation, ranked for your pleasure.

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The future of finance

Seven ventures, three months and a whole lot of great ideas that have the potential to change the financial sector. We look at how FinTech is a good thing for the consumer and the New Zealand economy.

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Reality check

As part of Idealog's Technology Month, we've picked the brains of some of the movers and shakers in the industry to find out their favourite tech-related things and what other companies and individuals inspire their work. But for every action, there also is an equal and opposite reaction, so we've also quizzed them on their biggest fears surrounding tech.

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Design Thinking

Expertise from Insight Creative

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The art of projection

No longer is the modern canvas confined to being flat. Fostered by the advent of powerful projectors and more advanced methods of mapping, large-scale walls, sharp edged buildings and peculiarly-shaped objects have all become receptacles for today’s ambitious creatives. As photographers, designers and directors increasingly dabble in the world of video projection, Jihee Junn talks to three different artists to discover their take on the intersection between technology and visual art.

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Block party

We regularly celebrate our community’s brilliance. But for our Design Issue, we wanted to showcase some of that brilliance in a slightly different way. So we got some of our favourite humans from the fields of art, design, architecture and creative business to play with Lego.

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25 things with Vaughan Rowsell

Vend's Vaughan Rowsell knows things, wants things, predicts things, worries about things and improves things.

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Idealog + Chorus

There's a lot of excitement about the arrival of autonomous vehicles. But we need a whole infrastructure and 5G cellular technology before a driverless future arrives. Nikki Mandow talked to Chorus’s network technology strategist, Kurt Rodgers, and the New Zealand Transport Agency’s director of connected journeys, Martin McMullan, about what New Zealand needs to do to prepare.  

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

Almost 10 years ago, Sir Paul Callaghan challenged New Zealanders to think of their economy as more than just a farm. Progress has been made, but there's still more work to be done. Here, director of Te Pūnaha Matatini professor Shaun Hendy shares why laser scientists should be talking to dairy farmers and the fintech sector should be talking to mathematicians.

Idealog + Salted Herring

While an increasing number of companies are pushing design to the forefront, many clever companies are still missing out on the opportunities afforded by the benefits of creative design-led thinking. But as Wellington-based digital agency Salted Herring has found out, pushing web apps that provide rich human experiences and highly crafted design is proving to be the best way forward.

Idealog + Fisher & Paykel

We tend to take our appliances for granted and expect them to keep on working, no matter what. But, if you’re a manufacturer, how do you ensure your product can stand up to the real world? If you’re Fisher & Paykel, you give the DishDrawer a proper battering, try your best to make it fail, and ensure the often strange behaviour exhibited by unpredictable and demanding humans is taken into consideration.

Idealog + Insight Creative

The New Zealand Drug Foundation believes that the way we currently deal with drugs doesn’t work for Māori and that our criminal justice approach to minor offences causes more harm to those caught up in it than drug use itself. A series of hui was established to discuss the issue with the community most affected, so it created a brand, marketed these events and helped draw some bigger than expected crowds. 

Problem solving

With Wellington on the brink of a housing crisis like that of Auckland, local charity DCM helps around 1000 people a year find and stay in housing, while also offering everything from dental and health clinics to a banking service. Wellington mayor Justin Lester and DCM director Stephanie McIntyre bust open some common misconceptions around homelessness and what’s needed to end it.

Muy bien

Popular foodie destination, The Lucky Taco, now offers customers home delivered ‘ready to assemble’ bundles under its new brand, Lucky Street Meal Kits. Owners Sarah and Otis Frizzell are the masterminds behind both ventures, we spoke to Sarah about the new offerings and what fans of The Lucky Taco now have to look forward to.


The TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards are back to celebrate the talent and success of the New Zealand marketing industry. Now in its 26th year, it is the only awards programme that recognises the business benefits of strong marketing strategies.