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New job platform ditches CVs and cover letters

Hoping to create a more human-centric job seeking industry, Izzy Fenwick has created Futureful, the new job platform that ditches the traditional CVs and cover letters.

Wanting to create a “unicorn” in the recruitment environment that Fenwick describes as “dry, dull and draconian”, Futureful is a platform that puts personal passions and compatibility as the main focus.

Harnessing the magic of human-centric candidate matching, Fenwick is disrupting the traditional industry that sees organisations and job candidates connect solely based on the role.

This creates a transaction that is focused on the job and salary, and not what is most important: shared values, transparent needs, required skills, relationships, job satisfaction and so much more.

“Traditional job ads were designed during the second Industrial Revolution, more than 100 years ago, and they haven’t changed much since then,” says Fenwick.

“But the model has. The majority of our current workforce are Gen X (in their 40s and 50s) down to Gen Z (in their 20s) and are more deeply interested in forging meaningful connections, not just firing off a standard CV and cover letter and playing the waiting game.”

With Futureful, Fenwick is allowing organisations to celebrate the holistic values they can offer employees.

This is the sort of “hyper-personalised” approach to job-seeking that is fit for the modern workforce.

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Futureful is allowing candidates to know upfront what the business stands for, rather than finding out their requirements are not likely to be met in the last few minutes of a job interview, or worse, six months into a new position.

But not only does Futureful work in creating a hyper-personalised experience, the platform uses talent pools instead of job ads, which traditionally only capture a tiny percentage of the total potential candidate pool.

Izzy Fenwick.

The way it works is that candidates join the pool of their dream company, giving that company access to off-the-market talent who would leave their current role for the right opportunity, within the right organisation.

“Our research shows that almost half of those aged 20-40 in employment in New Zealand have turned down a job because it doesn’t align with their values.

“Only one in 10 surveyed said they didn’t care about the values of the business they worked for. Which means organisations in New Zealand really need to up their game if they hope to attract our country’s epic talent.”

Already, Fenwick has been able to get Deloitte, Chapman Tripp, Silver Fern Farms and Zespri onboard their platform, meaning there is a real demand for a platform like this from big and small companies.

“Futureful is a radical way to look at recruitment, and we can’t wait to see talented Kiwis use their power for good, encouraging business to prioritise people and the planet.”

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