Goodnest's James MacAvoy on maintaining paranoia, the benefits of laziness and getting a bigger slice of the $6 billion home services market

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Goodnest's James MacAvoy on maintaining paranoia, the benefits of laziness and getting a bigger slice of the $6 billion home services market

As Madonna so famously sung, we are living in a material world. If she were to update that song, she might tweak it slightly and mention the fact that we are also living in a gig economy. And Goodnest, a platform that matches up jobs that need doing with suppliers willing to do them, is harnessing that shift and attempting to make it even easier for users and suppliers with a range of new features, new regions and a new capital raise to fund more growth.


There has been a lot of speculation and controversy surrounding the appointment process for New Zealand's first chief technology officer, which has been a relatively hush hush process so far. Startup Weekend NZ, Lightning Lab and ZeroPoint Ventures co-founder Dan Khan put himself forward for the role, but did not make it through. Here, he reflects on why he applied to take on the role, what the process was like and what he thinks the country needs from its CTO.


From as early as 2010, Dr Maria A Pozza has been advocating for New Zealand to implement its own space law framework. Now, the laws have been made as a new industry has blossomed – but as with Uber and Airbnb, regulation can sometimes struggle to keep up with technology and make rules for what we can’t predict. Here, Pozza discusses how the law can be tweaked and improved.

Emerging Talent

After a column he wrote outlining the problems with New Zealand’s education system got the online world buzzing, 18-year-old William Reynolds journeyed down to Wellington to explain to the Ministry of Education why new technologies, like AR/VR, AI and blockchain need to be covered off in the curriculum, so more kids are better equipped for the changes ahead. And now, he’s taking the path less travelled and interning at tech companies around the world rather than attending University. Here, he discusses why he wants more kids to be have the opportunities he’s created for himself.

Pack your bags

Tech Futures Lab has today launched Digital Suitcase, a global education platform to teach adults – like those whose careers are being disrupted by new technologies they can’t quite wrap their heads around – all about this new tech in a fun, lighthearted way. We talk with Tech Future Lab and the Mind Lab’s Frances Valintine about what inspired her to launch the programme and who it’s intended for.

The dog days are over

The name ezyVet isn’t a well-known one in the business community, and yet the Auckland-based company is set on world domination – and it might just get there. It’s using cloud-based software to disrupt the slow-moving vet industry, and now has customers in six countries, has tripled its head count to nearly 100 staff and has opened offices further abroad in Dallas, Texas and London.


Rivers Rainey is a Vend alumni who worked in recruitment. He has since branched out on his own and create a start-up called, which builds chatbots for companies' career pages. Here, he details what the journey was like making an idea a reality in the form of an app, as well as the experience he had teaching himself to code.