Elevator Pitch: Human Interface Jewellery

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

Elevator Pitch: Human Interface Jewellery

As part of our Elevator Pitch series in partnership with Flick, we gave Amelia Diggle a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch HI Jewellery, a 3D printed made-to-order jewellery line that fuses fashion and technology to create ‘wearable tech’ pieces for women in a male-dominated industry.

Cash cow

A young man from Morrinsville is making waves in the agritech world with the award-winning idea behind his company, Halter. The solar-powered, GPS-tracked collar self-herds cows while gathering data about their behaviour, emotions and health and sending it to the farmer’s phone. It recently just raised US$8 million in capital in Silicon Valley from Data Collective, which was the largest investor in the funding round, as well as Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, while Rocketlab’s Peter Beck has dubbed it a ‘billion-dollar idea’. Could this be the future of farming?

Heigh ho, heigh ho...

Ever wondered what it's like to mine bitcoin? Or ever tried to wrap your head around the idea of cryptocurrency? Ben Mack dove deep into the trenches to investigate.

Idealog + Tech Futures Lab

James Brown is the general manager for Fintech NZ, a member driven association with the aim of connecting, promoting and advancing the fintech ecosystem in New Zealand. FinTech in New Zealand is growing at 48 percent compared to the global average of 31 percent, which is now our third largest contributor towards GDP. Here's what keeps him up at night.

Change is coming

William Reynolds recently graduated from high school and is pursuing a career in the tech sector, but he had to use his own initiative to educate himself and explore new technologies, like AR/VR, AI and blockchain, rather than being taught it. Here, he explains why more young people need to be exposed to these exciting new industries through the education system.