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Kiwi smart app Tuipoint aids businesses during social distancing period

With the New Zealand Government recommending social distancing and some Kiwis actively choosing to self-isolate, many businesses are taking a hit. However, for people still going about their day to day life and visiting service industries, a Kiwi smart app named Tuipoint is offering security.

Originally designed for barbers, Tuipoint enables businesses to adapt to the new and rapid restrictions that have been brought on by COVID 19. It does so through a virtual queue system that allows customers to pre-book que placement, prepay for their services and limit social contact all for a maximum of $1.

The app has been in heavy demand for many service industries in this taxing time including health, beauty, lifestyle and hospitality. Service providers are adding a ‘join our queue’ button to their site, Instagram or Facebook pages which is then linked through to the app.

Tuipoint founder Matt Brooks says he is honoured his app may be aiding businesses’ in such an abnormal time.

“No one could have predicted the changes we are facing. Our app will allow businesses to remain open and continue trading with limited social contact.”

While at home or out, users can reserve their placement at a service and have a real-time view of exactly when it’s their time to go in and how long the wait is.

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