Interior Design

How Newmarket's Newbie café is putting colour back into concrete

Interior design

How Newmarket's Newbie café is putting colour back into concrete

Newmarket has seen its fair share of newcomers lately, with expansions and new developments happening right down Broadway. Yet much of the same urban industrial design has become the norm for the area. Newbie café, a collective effort from Material Creative and designer Evie Kemp is a new colourful oasis in a sea of concrete.

The future of fitness

Even after 50 years of successful business, Les Mills has shown its confidence in its ability to innovate in order to remain an industry leader. Now, the fitness experts have debuted s a new state-of-the-art workout studio that mixes innovative design with operation endurance. We have a chat with Les Mills New Zealand managing director Dione Forbes-Ryrie about how its new form is a way of increasing Les Mills’ outlook on an inclusive evolution that’s happening in the fitness world.

Have you ever wondered why storefronts tend to be eye-blindingly bright and highly illuminated? It seems every part of a store is designed to increase the likelihood consumers will make a purchase, and the choices on lighting is no different.

One of i29 Interior Architects' latest creations has taken minimalist design to a whole new level. At first look this kitchen seems to consist of a bench top and a tap, but there's actually a lot more going on.