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Inside Designworks’ airy, arty new Auckland digs

Designworks just purchased Wellington agency The Church, won a big regional award for being the best performing agency among the 76 businesses in the STW Group and now the Auckland office has unveiled its new home in the old art gallery.

Designworks’ spatial team did all the work in-house and the company says the move to Level 1, 36 Lorne Street is “a significant and symbolic step in the next stage of the studio’s journey”.

Designed around the driving idea of ‘working naturally’, the open plan environment makes it easy to work effortlessly and seamlessly, encouraging fresh collaborations and conversations between ourselves and our clients. Each space was carefully planned with custom-designed joinery, furniture, lighting and materials to encourage different types of ‘working’ while staying true to the architecture, history and heritage of the gallery building.

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A signature piece is the timber display desk in the lobby, which was designed to house a wide range of material, including the company’s work, events, awards, interests, technology and more.

The display desk is a modern take on museum plan drawers, using the module of the A1 paper size and handcrafted using traditional joinery techniques.

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