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Adventures of a start-up part 10 – The Coconut Cookbook

We wanted to make something both beautiful and useful that people would love, and this is it. Thanks to some generous foodies sharing their cooking genius with us, we have been able to put together The Coconut Cookbook as a fundraiser for building our own yoghurt kitchen here in Raglan.

Originally we had hoped to print the book, but from talking to publishers, ‘4 weeks please’ is not a realistic turnaround (it’s more like a year!) so the e-book is our version 1.0 and if people love it there may be a full-length published cookbook next year.

The thing that always blows me away is how when you have an idea and enthusiasm, people are so willing to step in and help. Kiwis really are good people. We had some photographers jump in last minute to shoot dishes (thank you Laura Forest and Andrew Swinton!), Chefs juggling recipe development with their busy schedules, and our designer Alex went the extra mile to make it look awesome.

Giapo even decided their icecream recipe tasted so good that it’s now on the menu! We tried it last week and can voucher for its yoghurty scrumminess.

Pulling this thing together has been fun but tiring, and now I guess we just wait to see if this tips the balance for us being able to go ahead with our kitchen. Thanks in advance to anyone reading this who decides to purchase a copy, you are helping us little guys keep making our yoghurt!

Image: Giapo Raglan Coconut Yoghurt  cone

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