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Cyckit spurns canvas for moulded plastic

aeroclam cyckitLooking for a better bike storage solution? Cyckit might have the answer for you.

Born from Pat Reardon and Mike Talbot’s distaste for traditional cycle canvas bags (unattractive, noisy, cumbersome, not waterproof), Cyckit saddle bags are meant to integrate into the sleek profile lines of a bike.

“The old canvas bags looked like a suitcase strapped to the boot of a Ferrari. They just killed the aerodynamics and look of a road cycle or any cycle for that matter. So we set about changing that,” Reardon says.

“We didn’t want something that hung, moved about or interfered with the riders body in anyway and it was imperative the design functioned as good as it looked.”

Reardon, a concept designer, graphic artist, illustrator and custom paint artist/detailer, worked with a product designer/toolmaker to develop a new concept to fit most road cycle seats. The result: the Aeroclam. 

The pair are now hoping to drum up $20,000 on Kickstarter to take things to the next level.

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