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realestate.co.nz introduces AI, making the property journey easier

The long-standing property website, realestate.co.nz, is now integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its software.

In the hope of making the property purchasing journey easier, Sarah Wood, CEO of realestate.co.nz says they can provide what customers want the most.

Recent research done by realestate.co.nz shows that the most sought-after information when it comes to property listings is floor plans.

Floor plans for most property listings can be loaded as images on most property sites, but for the customer this means endless scrolling.

With the use of AI, Wood hopes this can make the purchasing journey easier by detecting and surfacing these floor plans to seekers in an easier and more convenient way.

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“We know that listings with floor plans are viewed for 3.39 minutes longer, on average, than those without, and they receive 20.5 percent more enquiries,” says Wood.

Sarah Wood.

“But if a floor plan is buried amongst a sea of other property images, it’s just not working hard for the seller.”

For most consumers, the floor plan is a decisive factor when it comes to purchasing a home, and by making this easier, realestate.co.nz can potentially see more people finalising their decisions.

AI has slowly rolled out on realestate.co.nz and so far they have seen the number of listings showing with floor plans in search results increase from one in 10 to one in five.

Wood adds that realestate.co.nz is all about innovating and disrupting the market, hoping to find new ways in making the buying and selling journey easier.

“We are a tech company that lives and breathes property,” she says.

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