Social Enterprise

Design Thinking

Andy Crowe and Rui Peng love asking questions, answering problems and the Auckland suburb of Mt Roskill – and they have turned all these passions into a social enterprise tackling inequality. It does this by co-creating inventive products, spaces and experiences using digital technologies while currently operating out of a low-decile school.

Hacking to save the world

Tents in offices. Pizza boxes piled as high as a person. Enough energy drinks to drown an elephant. And enough bright people working on making the world a better place through technology to lift the spirits of even the most hard-hearted. Sounds like the latest edition of Datacomp.

Idealog's Guide to Wellington

Behold! A panoply of impressive, potentially myth-shattering information about our rich, smart, highly caffeinated, well-fed, fit, tech-savvy, environmentally-conscious, entertained, happy capital. 

Idealog's Guide to Wellington

It takes a generous soul to run a business where profit is not the main goal. Having a thriving social enterprise sector, it seems many of those souls are congregating in Wellington.

Please and Thankyou

Crowdfunding is a lot of work. A new series will follow social enterprise Thankyou Payroll as they get ready to launch their campaign, put in the hard yards during, and eagerly await to see if their goal will be met. Read on to find out how Thankyou Payroll’s CEO, Christina Bellis, prepares for their equity crowdfunding campaign.