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My favourite places: Erik Zydervelt, Mevo

We live in an awesome city.

Life in inner-city Wellington is vibrant, delicious and full of good vibes, we know that. But just outside of our cosy little bubble lies plenty of out of the box adventure.

At Mevo, we love jumping in our EVs and taking half day and weekend missions to explore our beautiful region. Here are some of our favourite things to do.

See Wellington from a different point of view

You are sure to get one by driving around the harbour to Days Bay for a beach mission. Cruise out past the Hutt and keep following the road around the harbour to Eastbourne. With the sun out at Day’s Bay you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Grab an ice-cream, jump in a kayak or just chill on the beach. The pier on a nice evening is the perfect place to watch the sun setting over Wellington from an entirely different perspective.

Hot tip: there are great fish and chips options at nearby Eastbourne village.

Learn about beer, it’s important…

Fill up a car with friends, (pick one to stay sober!) and go enjoy some craft beer straight from the source. The Kereru Brewery in Upper Hutt create delicious, ambitious beer with real love and craft.

Kereru are part of the movement helping to raise the bar in Wellington for what is possible with locally brewed pints of goodness. Their brewery tour won’t disappoint on the taste front and hey, you might even learn something too.

Garage Project.

Find your own private getaway

It’s not even 20 mins from the city, but after a few hours around the Miramar Peninsula you’ll feel much further away. Firstly, it’s hard to go past Chocolate Fish Cafe for brunch and damn good coffee.

Watch the boats come into the harbour, dip your toes in the ocean or enjoy the good sandy vibes at Scorching Bay. When the afternoon sun is setting, strolling between Shelly Bay and Kau Bay it’s surprisingly easy to find yourself a private little beach, grab a book, dig into the sand and feel surprisingly ‘far away’ from the hustle of Te Aro.

Go chasing waterfalls!

We don’t have any real waterfalls in Wellington City, but there are some pretty great ones to be discovered not that far away…

Head out towards the Akatarawa valley to Belmont Regional Park, where you’ll find Dry Creek falls, the impressive multi-level Korokoro Dam falls and the unofficially named Broadwalk Falls all within an accessible walk of each other. You’ll need at least a day to see them all, but picking your battles and finding one within easy walking distance of the nearest carpark is doable.

For more info check out waterfalls.co.nz (yes, that’s a website) and you’ll find everything you need to plan your mission.

The beach out back….

Like sunsets and wildness? Follow the road out past Karori, past a few farms, over the hill and you’ll be in the lush, green Makara valley. You’ll feel like you’re in one of those fancy car advertisements as you drive by Makara village toward the beach.

The beach is wild (especially in the wind!) and the mission up the hills will definitely stretch your legs and get your lungs pumping. Don’t look down and just keep going to the old war bunkers, it’s totally worth it. The views over the Pacific on a clear day are amazing and you’ll be surprised how close the South Island feels.

Erik Zydervelt.

If you’re lucky the cafe will be open for old school, big delicious milkshakes and you’ll be able to watch the sun sinking over the water before the short 20-minute scoot back to the city.

With summer around the corner, there’s no better time to get out there and explore Wellington. 

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