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Canada has Justin Trudeau. Wellington has Justin Lester. As one of the country’s most progressive mayors, Lester is looking to the future and embracing

It takes a generous soul to run a business where profit is not the main goal. Having a thriving social enterprise sector, it seems

Wellington was recently named the world's most liveable city by Deutsche Bank. Delia Cormack and Rikki Townsley were early adopters. 

DIY is in New Zealand’s blood and it’s pumping thick and fast in Wellington. From high-tech beer to pre-fabricated buildings, cutting-edge navigation lights to

It’s not all about ‘Silicon Welly’. Artisan Welly is also going strong. And from surfboards to peanut butter and beer, the city’s vibrant

Wellington’s digital heritage and collaborative spirit have combined to make it the perfect spot for tech tinkerers. From game developers to digital agencies, the

The Weta Group of companies smashed the doors wide open to a world of on-screen imagination and along the way provided the anchor to

Wellington has just been named one of the world's most liveable cities. And creative types of all stripes are being drawn to the energy