Ice, ice baby

It’s unlikely that any boardroom has brought up the issue of climate change and decided on the solution of melting more ice. But in an ironic turn of events, two Kiwi entrepreneurs have launched an ingenious product: Trump ice-head Trays. Encouraging consumers to “Cool down while the planet warms up,” the ice trays are moulded in the shape of a golf-ball size, 360° replica of US President Donald Trump’s head, with all profits going to the Environmental Justice Foundation.


Kiwi content agency Frontside and its founder Robett Hollis have announced they will be joining Publicis Group in New Zealand. Frontside was founded by Hollis in 2007, who is a former TV producer with more than 20 year's experience in the industry. Some notable brands Frontside has worked with in the past include Uber, TVNZ and Heineken.